Congratulations, Emmanuel Macron!

Congratulations, Emmanuel! I’m so happy, bravo! The first president who really like the billionaires – my president!

I hope that you can implement your program and we’ll all become billionaires. 7 billion billionaires, it’s possible! It’s the goal of capitalism, isn’t it?

But… I’m scared that something is preventing you to govern, that we’re not a disobedient France [la France insoumise, Mélenchon’s party], but an ungovernable France, by order and under state of exception.

I’m afraid that your program is too clearly hostile for too many people.

I hope you’re going to put the economy everywhere there is still a bit of life. That under the guise of the sharing economy, everyone can finally exploit themselves maximally!

Beware of other people, Emmanuel. I’m afraid that everywhere you economise, they want to communise; that wherever you make something a competition, they want to make it common; that everywhere you dispossess, they will try to make themselves autonomous.

You’re going to have a psychological war to fight, Emmanuel, from today.

I know people on lundimatin who have made the bet that you will not last two years; that, even if your bosses are powerful, eventually you will come crying on prime time television saying that it’s really too horrible to govern, and you want to return to where you came from and finance citizen start-up projects.

I’m with you, Emmanuel. I believe in you.

Long live the economy, long live capital, long live the Republic and long live France.