Studie i at stå op for direkte aktioner i medierne

Her er et studie at optræde i medierne efter optøjer og svare dem, der typisk bekymrer sig mere over vinduer end at organisere sig for at vinde over fascisterne.

Yvette Felarca er organiseret i By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) og har tidligere stillet op til interviews og forsvaret direkte aktioner imod fascister i Californien. Sidst i juli 2016, hvilket fik hende suspenderet fra hendes job som gymnasielærer. (Videoer på youtube med studerende, der forsvarer hende i retten, vidner om hvor vellidt hun var). Så vi kan også forstå, hvorfor flere ikke tør stille sig op og tale så fattet og oprigtigt om hvad en troværdig måde at bekæmpe fascisterne indebærer. Protesterne imod hendes suspension lykkedes dog og nogle måneder efter blev hun genindsat.

Fordi interviewet er så eksemplarisk, her er en skematisk parafrasering af klippet. Godt at referere til for personer, der kunne nære mod nok til at stille op for samme type interview.

– What specifically is it about X that you and others have an issue with?
– [This is what we have an issue with.]
– Now X himself denies those allegations. What is the fear of him having a conversation with some people?
– Well, just to go back to how you characterized it … This isn’t a question of violent versus peaceful protest. I was there and there were thousands of people out there, who where united … it was a mass protest, it was a militant protest. And everyone was there to shut them down. And so, whatever it was going to take to do that, we were all there with the united cause and we were stunningly successful.
– But why not be peaceful about it? Why not chant … and hold your signs and things …? When you take the barricades, isn’t that counter-productive?
– You know, I think that the left has been far too timid for way too long. And it is why we have even gotten in this position, where we even have someone like Donald Trump leading a fascist movement as the President of the United States. We need to make sure that we have more mass protest, more militant protest. And the reality is that, these aren’t just people that are putting forward their ideas. There are white supremacists, who have already murdered these people in this place and there was one who was just beat down by a white supremacist. We have an obligation to defend ourselves. Not just for each other, but for our communities.
– Some say that because of what happened, this got national attention, he did national interviews, and so instead of his voice being heard by these people, now much more people are online googling him. So does that defeat what you were trying to do?
– The fascists already have a spokesperson in Donald Trump, Steve Bannon … What I find important about our success, and why I think it should be the model the movement needs to take now and in the future, because we need to make sure that the millions out there who are angry and who are scared under Donald Trump, know that there are people out there, who will stand up and fight the way the movement needs to. Clearly, it was not business as usual, it was people fighting united, in a mass united effort and by any means necessary.
– But the business community were really upset because they too were targeted. There is a lot of frustration and concern. And that innocent people, those that may be with your cause, will be hurt as well?
– There is two things to that. One, the boss is responsible for anything that happened and if the business community were upset, they should have joined those workers who were demanding that the boss step down immediately. Because he had a chance to cancel the event, to make sure it didn’t happen. Two, a few broken windows is nothing compared to the lives that are at stake. And if that is what it takes in order to make sure that more people involved don’t get targeted, if that is what it takes to make sure that he or some other white supremacist is not welcomed or allowed to come here and attack our community, then good: Let’s make sure then that that doesn’t happen in the future.
– So no regrets?
– No, what I think we need to do is to draw lessons from this in terms of how we can build a strong movement and be even stronger. And also that we continue to organize, because it is not spontaneous. This is about organizing and fighting by any means necessary.
– Okay, thank you very much for sharing your perspective on that and now colleague, over to you.