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No one has the right to accuse the Republic of Turkey of inflicting violence

De færreste ved, at Tyrkiet har et “Ministerie for Relationer med den Europæiske Union”. Et par uger siden publicerede ministeren, Egemen Bagis, en erklæring til det europæiske parlament ifm. at de blandede sig i den tyrkiske situation.
Det mærkelige er, at teksten ikke findes på engelsk. Der findes kun en tyrkisk version.
Vi kan derfor regne med at det er en propaganda-tekst, tiltænkt den tyrkiske befolkning. Heldigvis har nogen oversat teksten, og hvis nogen fra det europæiske parlament – som teksten jo var tænkt henvendt til – skulle få den i hånden, vil de formodentlig undre sig en smule. Teksten er rablende, stream-of-consciousness-agtig og patetisk, for at sige det lige ud. Vi er ikke på Gaddafi-niveau, men husk på, at teksten foregiver at være en seriøs erklæring fra en forhandler af relationer mellem Tyrkiet og den europæiske union. Læs selv. Og måske sende den videre til nogen, der kunne gøre noget af den? Kopiér løs.

Find den oprindelige tyrkiske version her:


Explanations of State Minister and Chief Negotiator For European Union Egemen Bagis, Regarding the Current Agenda

In the last couple of days we witness very brave and irresponsible explanations and statements which display a lack of mental faculties by many officials and members of parliament in Europe and in the Western media. On the other hand however, we appreciate the positive and constructive messages from Mr. Ashton and Mr. Füle, pointing out that Turkey’s EU accession process must be be maintained and the 23rd as well as the 24th negotiation chapters should be opened. We are appreciatively observing our friends in Europe who have not abandoned their objective and reasonable stances.

However, it is also clear that certain members of the European Parliament desire to use their freedom of talking utter nonsense in order to get media spotlight. Talking nonsense is also a freedom and we respect this. Inshallah (God willing) we pray for them to get back those mental faculties which they have lost, as soon as possible. Disproportionate, unbalanced, and preposterous statements and misusing the Parliament’s podium to propagate this abdication of reason, above all, damage the image and the credibility of European Parliament. It would be the rather rational way of action for the officials of European Parliament to stop this instead of being a part of it.

Certain members of the European Parliament should understand that, there is a price for speaking in such a bold and carefree manner when addressing the internal affairs of Turkey. They should not let themselves become the instruments of national and international dirty conspiracies and get fooled by the manipulations and slanders thereof. They should also not let themselves get carried away with this illusion and make it their business to do anything. Turkey is not a banana republic. Turkey is a democratic, secular and social state of law, and is well aware of how to deal with what, within its own state tradition. I hope that they have considered the consequences of getting carried away and targeting, not only our government but also the Republic of Turkey about this temporary situation.

No one has the right to accuse the Republic of Turkey of inflicting violence. Above all, these accusations of those so called European countries and politicians who have a track record of corruption cannot be accepted. There is no state violence in Turkey. There is only the denial of abuse by those who disregard law and public order and hide behind the protesters who act with a sincere environmental sensitivity. We are well aware of the national and international extensions of this conspiracy. We personally have launched an investigation about our security forces who have engaged in a disproportionate use of force during the intervention. As the government, we have been in a quest to solve this problem with a mechanism to strengthen democracy and we declared that we may conduct a referendum about the Taksim Artillery Barracks Project which is the cause of these demonstrations. This, above all, is an evidence of our faith in democracy and people’s will.

In Turkey, the most reformist and powerful government in Europe and one of the strongest and most charismatic leaders of the world are in power. If this is what disturbs them, we are sorry about that but it is the problem of those who feel insecure before the leadership of Tayyip Erdogan. It is the same European Union, that remained silent about those who degenerated the most innocent demonstrations in Europe into a spiral of violence, now reflects on and evaluates the rightful struggle of our security forces against vandalism biasedly and disproportionally. Likewise, it is the same European Union which cannot raise its voice enough when hundreds of people are slaughtered in Syria. What European Union should we believe in?

The internal and external implications of this conspiracy should not aspire to succeed. We will not sacrifice Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the interest lobbies or international networks. No one is strong enough to do that. Turkish people would not let this happen. Once the flood ends, sand remains behind. These demonstrations will all come out in the wash. Then, how would the ones who have become a part of this dirty game and stained the honor of Turkish people look at us in the eye? No matter how harsh the wind blows, the only thing it would abrade from the rock is dust. We have nothing else to do for the one that got swept away with the flood or with the wind.

It is very naive of some members and officials of the parliament, to still think of suspending the European Union accession process is a serious intimidation against Turkey. To suspend the relationships with Turkey is a threat to the European Union, not to Turkey.

Despite all, we will continue with our determination in the European Union reform process. As an evidence of this determination, we are in preparation for our Reform Monitoring Group on June 15, 2013, with the hosting of our ministry and with the attendance of our Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu and our Minister of Internal Affairs Muammer Guler.

It is the best option for everyone for the Turkey-EU relationship to continue in its own area and as it is supposed to be. We, as the side who prefers this option, will continue with our determination in the reform process until the end.

In this context, we would like to warn that, taking a stance that would stonewall certain planned developments in the near future, would lead astray the Turkey-EU relationships irreversibly.